Message from the President

To be the foundation of the video game industry

I love video games. My dream was always to work in the video game industry and relay to the next generation what I felt from playing video games—stimulation, emotion, and future.

Through the part-time jobs I took at numerous video game companies, I gained not only expertise in game production but also connections with amazing luminaries. My experiences back then remain my most prized asset. Later, in July 1994, I established Matrix with the hope of returning the favor. That is, I wanted to reach out to people who take “playing” seriously and are on a quest for answers, and provide the opportunity for game production. That was my philosophy then, and it still is today.

Now, video games are recognized as a culture. We shouldn’t forget that we owe this to the achievements of early industry players. Just as the worlds of music and paintings can’t ignore the classics, the world of video games certainly has a lot to learn from works of the past. In an effort to prevent great titles from being buried in history, in October 2016, I launched an organization dedicated to researching and preserving the video game culture, called the Institute of Game Culture Conservation (IGCC).

The past and the present—at Matrix, we seek to study the appeal of video games from both of these perspectives, explore further possibilities, and continue to produce titles that will be loved and enjoyed by many to come.

Working for the happiness of all

Anyone with an eye to a job in content industry probably understands the appeal of content as well as the joy of creating. Having countless people play your game is an honor and above all a thrilling experience. At Matrix, however, we aren’t satisfied with that alone.

Content possesses powers beyond our imagination. It is capable of surprising, fascinating, and at times, moving to tears. If content can do that much, then we wouldn’t be daydreaming to believe it can make people happy.

We will carry on believing in the power of content, playing to expand its possibilities, and making even more people smile.

Creating an environment for taking on creation seriously and wholeheartedly

At Matrix, we cherish teamwork where the staff work as one and tackle content production. Through years of creating video games, we have learned that some hurdles cannot be overcome by individual talent alone.

The scale of content production is growing each year. It isn’t surprising to see a staff of dozens or even hundreds forming a team today. Our aim has been to build an organization where men and women alike can take on creation seriously and wholeheartedly, at times through birth pangs, and to ensure that the passion they devote as individuals functions as a team.

This is not to say are we neglecting the individual. New employees, for instance, are hired for a position of their choice and thus never assigned to a division against their will. Employees who take time off for childbirth are also welcome back. We have that environment in place because we believe a sense of security is important for content production.

The individual is essential to the team. One member’s strength covers for another member’s weakness, quite like an RPG party. At Matrix, we aim to be a company that provides the opportunity for employees to be respected as individuals, and at the same time, united as a team beyond differences in position, character, age, or gender.

Born 1966 in Tokyo, Ohori dived into the video game industry as a high schooler and gained experience in roles such as game magazine editor, game debugger, and game planner before becoming the president of Matrix, established with three friends in 1994. His hobbies are video games, pachinko games, and electronic games in general, plus gardening and fruit picking.

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