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Game/mobile app development

■Since our establishment in 1994, our business at Matrix has been based primarily on full-service outsourcing of in-house production covering planning,

 spec creation, scenario, graphics, and programming.

 In the course of 26 years, we have worked on over 150 titles with a staff of over 100 members.

 The consumer titles that we developed over the past few years were rated highly by clients and users alike,

 with five consecutive titles inducted into the Golden Hall of Fame in the New Game Cross Review of "Weekly Famitsu".

■We develop various genres including RPG, action games, rhythm games, and casual games for a broad range of platforms

 including Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, iOS, and Android terminals.

■Taking advantage of our planning capabilities nurtured through numerous full-service outsourcing projects,

 we present solutions that are high in originality and meet the client’s needs.

 Not only do we develop for the Japanese market, but we also undertake localization for foreign versions.

■Our two bases—the Tokyo Head Office and the Fukuoka Office—coordinate closely throughout the development process

 to realize swift response and meticulous support.
 We have multiple meeting spaces in our offices, which allow development members to engage in active communication and exchange information

 on technology and game trends.

■In addition to full-service outsourcing, we can provide development services for specific stages such as graphics or programming,

 or adapt a consumer title for smartphones.

Amusement (pachinko/pachislot)

■At Matrix, we engage in development specializing in game machines (pachinko/pachislot) and peripheral products.

 Staff members dedicated to game machines have put themselves in the user’s shoes and developed over 50 titles since the division was set up in 2003.

■We undertake development from planning to image production.

 Our services also include anime production, application of sound effects,and development of machine simulator app,

 enabling the swift app release in conjunction with machine development.

 Many of our staff members have over 10 years of industry experience and can provide high-quality solutions and development tailored to the client’s needs.


In addition to the two businesses above, we provide services for various industries and contents.

Development track record:

• Interactive content production for large amusement facilities (planning, graphics, programming)

• App development for educational terminal (multiple apps by age group)

At Matrix, we draw on 26 years of experience and skills to provide flexible support according to your needs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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